HVAC Maintenance Programs in Milford, MI

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Equipment Maintenance Milford MI - Commercial HVACR Contractors | BC Ten Air - about1Heating and cooling represent about 60% of your building’s energy use, nearly 20% of the building’s total value, and your #1 maintenance cost.

In order for you to keep energy expenses low and equipment effectively maintaining your comfort as well as retaining its value, you need well designed HVAC systems that are professionally maintained. The company that performs your HVAC maintenance needs to provide professionally trained mechanics who are supported by a design staff that comprehends your entire facility and it’s use. You need mechanics trained in safe practices, as well as current technology. You need a contractor with the latest equipment. You need BC Ten Air!

Our mechanics are trained to the highest standards in the industry. Don’t roll the dice with a ‘bargain’ hourly rate when an emergency arises. In this situation you always get what you pay for, you never get more or less. Don’t be at the mercy of a novice or unskilled mechanic. Our technicians average over 15 years of experience and have the proper tools and technology.

Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Control Panels:

  • Check set points – quarterly
  • Inspect set points of control – semi-annually
  • Sequence test all controls – semi-annually
  • Calibrate all controls – annually


  • Check crankcase heater operation – annually
  • Inspect & test for refrigerant leaks – annually
  • Check oil level – annually
  • Inspect bearings – semi-annually
  • Check refrigerant charge – semi-annually
  • Inspect relief valves – annually

Air Cooled Condensers:

  • Check finned services – semi-annually
  • Inspect for leaks – semi-annually
  • Check all connections – semi-annually

Pumps, Fans & Motors:

  • Check pulleys – semi-annually
  • Inspect belts – replace as needed
  • Inspect couplings – semi-annually
  • Lubricate bearings – semi-annually
  • Inspect starter coils – quarterly
  • Clean contractors – quarterly

Heat Exchangers:

  • Inspect for problems – annually


  • Change – quarterly

Gas-Fired Burners:

  • Check burner sequence – semi-annually
  • Adjust fuel/air ratio - annually

Save money on equipment replacements and repairs professional maintenance from BC Ten Air that will keep your equipment running longer, more efficiently, and with fewer breakdowns. Give us a call today at (248) 348-1360.