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HVACR Service & Repair in Detroit, MI | BC Ten Air - industries-2When your business depends on a fully functioning HVACR system, any downtime can be a costly setback. From fluctuating temperatures to unexpected shutdowns, commercial and industrial property owners know the frustration of HVACR issues all too well. Fortunately, BC Ten Air's HVACR contractors are at the forefront of addressing and providing solutions for these challenges. Our team specializes in comprehensive services and repairs for commercial HVACR systems.

Advanced Solutions for Commercial HVACR Systems

  • Package and Split Air Conditioners - We specialize in servicing and repairing package and split air conditioners, covering all major makes and models such as TRANE, Carrier, York, and AAON. Our team works diligently to keep your units running smoothly, offering consistent cooling and heating throughout every season.
  • Boilers - Our experienced technicians provide top-notch service and repairs for all types of boilers, whether package or built-up. From hot water heating systems to steam boilers, along with all associated piping and controls, we maintain steadfast operation and efficiency.
  • Chillers - We offer a comprehensive range of chiller services, including package air-cooled, applied water-cooled, and steam absorption systems. Our operations extend to chilled water piping, controls, and vessels, promoting peak performance and energy savings.
  • Makeup Air Equipment - Our skilled team delivers exceptional maintenance and repair services for makeup air equipment that either heats or cools. We focus on maintaining air quality and thermal comfort across commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Cooling Towers - Whether dealing with package or field-fabricated cooling towers, our maintenance and repair solutions keep them in prime condition, optimizing their performance and efficiency for critical cooling processes.
  • Condensers and Condensing Units - Our HVACR specialists are adept at handling all types and brands of condensers and condensing units. Through routine servicing and repairs, we maintain top operational efficiency, reducing downtime and extending the life of your equipment.
  • Fan Coils, Air Handlers, and Air Distribution Systems - We manage fan coils, air handlers, and air distribution systems, adhering to SMACNA standards. Our services aim to optimize air quality and flow throughout facilities, covering supply, return, and exhaust systems.
  • Pump Stations and Pumps - We cover all types of pump stations and pumps used in HVACR applications, including chilled water, heating, hot water, and condenser water systems. By performing comprehensive maintenance and repairs, we ensure dependable operation and system integrity.
  • Process Cooling or Air Handling Systems - Our tailored care for process cooling and air handling systems helps these critical components maintain the environmental conditions essential for various industrial processes. With our service, these systems function efficiently and reliably, protecting your operations.
  • Data Center Units - Expertise in all brands and types of data center cooling solutions, including water or air-cooled systems and glycol economic installations, enables us to offer specialized services. We focus on keeping these vital units running under demanding conditions for optimal operational continuity.

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HVACR Services for Industrial & Commercial Properties

BC Ten Air takes pride in its extensive experience in servicing and repairing HVACR systems for facilities in various sectors throughout Michigan. From apartment complexes and senior living centers to bustling healthcare facilities, automotive plants, and energy providers, our commercial HVACR company has made a notable impact. Our dedicated HVACR technicians bring tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each industry, promising more than just a quick fix - but a trusted partnership for all your HVACR service and repair requirements.

Signs Your HVACR System Needs Service

  • Strange noises indicating potential mechanical issues
  • Inconsistent temperatures across different areas of the property
    Unusual smells coming from HVACR systems that suggest burnt or moldy components
  • Increased energy bills without a clear cause are often a sign of inefficiency
  • The age of your system as older systems are more prone to frequent breakdowns
  • Poor indoor air quality hinting at ventilation problems

Advanced HVACR Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring services, we keep a vigilant eye on your HVACR systems around the clock, facilitating swift responses to any detected issues. This proactive approach allows us to address potential problems before they become serious, maintaining a comfortable commercial environment and uninterrupted system operation.

Commissioning and Recommissioning

Our commissioning process is comprehensive and detailed. We aim for your new commercial HVACR system to operate at its best from the start. By recommissioning existing systems, we revitalize them, checking for efficient functionality and pinpointing any areas for enhancement or necessary repairs.


Our design/build service for HVACR systems is custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of your commercial or industrial property. By merging design expertise with quality build practices, we create systems that are both powerful and economical, guaranteeing your HVACR setup is perfectly suited to your operational needs.

Energy Management

The core of our HVACR services focuses on energy management, aiding in optimizing your systems' performance while reducing operational costs. We identify opportunities to save on energy, boost system efficiency, and carry out repairs and upgrades that contribute to significant savings on energy expenses.

Don’t Let HVACR Issues Disrupt Your Business!

BC Ten Air is the commercial HVACR contractor in Metro Detroit, ready to provide a full spectrum of services, from upgrades to maintenance and installation. Contact us today and secure the optimal functioning of your commercial building HVACR systems with BC Ten Air's esteemed technicians.

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