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Efficient Commercial HVACR System Upgrades in Detroit, MI

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Commercial HVACR Services in Detroit, MI | BC Ten Air - industries-1HVACR systems are the lungs of any commercial or industrial property, integral for maintaining a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment. Nevertheless, they often present various challenges with aging infrastructure, decreased efficiency, and frequent breakdowns, leading to increased operational costs and downtimes. BC Ten Air's expert HVACR contractors in Detroit, MI, are here to enhance your property with the latest HVACR system upgrades. Our solutions are tailored to boost performance, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce energy consumption, translating into substantial cost savings for your business.

HVACR Systems Our Technicians Upgrade

  • Air Conditioners Upgrades - Upgrade your air conditioning system with the latest models from top brands like TRANE, Carrier, York, and AAON. Our team specializes in retrofitting, upgrade packages, and split air conditioners to enhance efficiency and performance.
  • Boiler System Upgrades - Elevate your heating system with our boiler upgrade services. We focus on transitioning your existing setup to a modern package or built-up boilers, integrating advanced controls and piping for better energy management and system reliability.
  • Chiller System Enhancements - Revitalize your chiller systems with our upgrade services, including transitioning to high-efficiency package air-cooled, water-cooled, and steam absorption chillers. We also upgrade chilled water piping and control systems for optimized operation and energy savings.
  • Makeup Air Equipment Upgrades - Optimize your indoor air quality and comfort with upgrades to your makeup air equipment. Whether you need heating only or combined heating and cooling solutions, we can enhance your system for improved efficiency and performance.
  • Cooling Towers Upgrades - Upgrade your cooling tower system, whether package or field-fabricated, for improved cooling efficiency and reduced water consumption. Our upgrades focus on incorporating the latest in energy-efficient technology and materials.
  • Condensers and Condensing Units Upgrades - Enhance your cooling systems with upgrades to the latest condensers and condensing units across all brands. Our services check that your cooling infrastructure is maximized for energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Air Distribution System Enhancements - Improve your building's comfort and air quality with upgrades to its fan coils, air handlers, and air distribution systems. Guaranteeing compliance with SMACNA standards, our upgrades focus on efficiency, airflow balance, and optimized system performance.
  • Pump Station and Pump Upgrades - Modernize your pump stations and pumps for chilled water, heating, hot water, and condenser water applications. Our upgrade services focus on improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing maintenance requirements.
  • Process Cooling and Air Handling System Upgrades - Upgrade your process cooling or air handling systems for enhanced operational efficiency and productivity. Our tailored upgrades meet specific industrial requirements, providing systems that deliver optimal performance.
  • Data Center Climate Control Upgrades - Future-proof your data center with upgrades to the latest climate control technology, including water or air-cooled and glycol economic solutions. Our upgrades keep critical computing environments maintained at optimal temperatures for reliability and efficiency.

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A Tradition of Excellence in Commercial HVACR Services

BC Ten Air has a rich history of providing outstanding commercial HVAC services across Michigan. Our specialized team has facilitated facility upgrades in a wide array of points, from high-density apartments and senior living communities to critical healthcare facilities, cutting-edge automotive plants, and robust energy sectors. We bring this vast experience to every project, ensuring a seamless HVAC upgrade, tailored commercial HVAC maintenance, and reliable commercial HVACR installation that meets your unique industry requirements.

Signs HVACR Systems are Ready for an Upgrade

  • Inefficient or older HVACR units
  • Units with frequent repair needs
  • Not meeting current environmental regulations
  • Struggling with maintaining consistent temperatures

Stay Cool Under Pressure with Our HVACR Contractors

Remote Monitoring

BC Ten Air's remote monitoring service keeps your HVACR system running at peak efficiency around the clock. Our team can quickly identify and resolve issues with advanced diagnostics and real-time surveillance, leading to minimized downtime and extended system life.

Commissioning and Recommissioning

Rely on BC Ten Air for comprehensive commissioning and recommissioning processes that optimize HVACR system performance. Our meticulous approach guarantees every component functions as designed, providing dependable operation and energy efficiency from the outset.


Our Design/Build services incorporate the latest in HVACR technologies and are customized to meet your unique needs. BC Ten Air specializes in crafting innovative, cost-effective designs that result in optimized systems for comfort and efficiency.

Energy Management

BC Ten Air is a leader in energy management. We offer solutions that significantly reduce energy use while sustaining a comfortable atmosphere. Our strategic HVACR management techniques support substantial savings and promote environmental sustainability.

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge HVACR Systems

If your HVACR system is not performing at its peak, it’s time to take action. BC Ten Air stands at the forefront of commercial HVACR services in Metro Detroit. Let's discuss how we can bring your heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems into the modern age. Contact BC Ten Air today for unparalleled commercial and industrial property service. Your path to a smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective climate control starts with us.

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