About Us

BC Ten Air was formed by the merger of two successful HVAC contractors, B&C Technical Services and Ten Air, Inc.

About BC Ten Air - HVACR & Electrical Contractors Milford MI - homepic1Prior to the merger, each individual company performed AC contracting and repair and had been incorporated for over 20 years. In addition to maintenance and replacement work, BC serviced data centers and refrigeration. Ten Air focused on comfort conditioning, boilers, and temperature controls. 

In a unique circumstance, both principals began their careers as HVAC service techs. This has created great company standards benefiting both our customers and employees.

Our Workforce Currently Consists of Eighteen (18) Field Technicians Whose Experience Allows Us to Provide Many Diverse Mechanical Services.

  • We are the factory authorized service representatives for two separate manufacturers.
  • We cover all of SE Michigan and work anywhere within 75 miles of Milford, MI.


  • Building Trades Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • The Construction Association of Michigan
  • The Detroit Building Superintendents Association


  • Mechanical Contractors License #: 71-00540
  • Boilers License #: 314921
  • Electrical Contractors License #: 6108688
  • Multiple Safety Accreditations

Call us today at (248) 348-1360 to see how we can help you and your facility – even if you just need an expert opinion!